Factors That Contribute to Success of Adidas

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Today, sport plays one of the significant roles in everyday life of people around the world, whether for those who actively participate in it or just supporter and spectators. In most of the western countries, this past of social life is widely reported on and reflected by the mass media. Sport activity has not only become a great entertainment, occupation and lifestyle, but also a solid business as well. Adidas Corporation is one of the famous marketers of sports apparel and athletic shoes among others. The founder of Adidas, Adi Dassler through his own marketing strategy which rests on a favourable brand image, has evolved into a large multinational enterprise. In order to keep with the brand image, Adidas came out with the distinctive logo and its advertising logo, “Impossible is Nothing” and being successful until today. From the marketing perspective, there are five major factors that could contribute to the success of Adidas. The five major factors are advanced technologies provided to improve on product’s quality and ability, good management team within the organization, achievement in brand values and product’s quality, several effective promoting and advertising ways and continuous research and development on customer’s needs and requirements. Good Management Team

The first factor which contributes to the success of Adidas is good management team inside the organization. Management team is an important foundation of an organization as it is also representative a main roof for a successful company. A good management team has been practiced in Adidas Corporation as the company has a research and development team on examine and explore every products before them launch out. Besides that, the company also has one experienced and expertise person which understand how in the sport market and try to produce different kind of sport equipment in order to satisfy the market consumer’s needs. Moreover, the management team is well understandable...
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