Factors Necessary to Achieve Global Awareness

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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The different factors necessary to achive the global awareness for the marketing to get succeed are(source:Catora & Graham page 17 chapter1) the followings
Need to have tolorence for cultural differences
Need to have knowledge regarding the below parameters
World Market potential
Global Economics
Social Trends
Political Trends
Personal Relationships across globe

The culture is a belief which is ingredient in day to day life of the people of a particular region .The culture can neither be changed nor can be modified but only can be adapted in different forms. This very term is the essence of human beings day to day esxistance which guides their social behavior, understanding,taste,communication,nature,habbits. Becoming tolerant to a different culture by understanding,adapting or adjusting provides a global marketer leeway to another cultural market. Intenational marketer needs to understand and respect the cultural intricacies that is oblivious to one’s country of origin. Respecting and accepting the cultural values in way without underming the sensitivities of sociocultural ethos of a particular region is the key to any marketing assignment. Any decision or new strategy to enter a new market needs to keep Self-referance Criterion and Ethonocentrism(source:Catora & Graham page 15 chapter1) at bay there by making the final decision tolorent enough towards the culture of the targeted market segment. The cross-cultural analysis of a market required the knowledge of target market and one’s own culture too (source:Catora & Graham page 17 chapter1) which helps to compare the two cultural difference and helps the marketer to be more culturally aware.

To be a globaly aware marketer one must have knowledge about anthropology,sociology,psychology,diplomacy,law and business(source:Catora & Graham page 23 chapter1) which helps one to understand the culture,history ,market potential,economics,social and political trend of...
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