Factors Associated with Honour Based Violence in Khyberpukhtoonkhwa Pakistan: a Qualitative Study

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Factors associated with honour based violence in Khyberpukhtoonkhwa Pakistan: A qualitative study

Sher Afgan. B.pharm, Pharm.D

A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the Requirements of the

University of Wolverhampton

For the degree of

Master of Public Health (MPh)

April 2011

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Signature: Sher Afgan

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Date: 25/04/2011

Dedicated to my first Teacher, My Great Grand Father

Niaz Muhammad Khan


This research is an effort to develop an understanding of honour based violence in Khyberpukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. It has three main perspectives i.e. the personal experiences of victims of honour based violence, Role of legal system of Pakistan and Islamic perspective of honour based violence.

The main research question in this study is that, “how honour based violence is perceived in Khyberpukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan”. This includes debate around different factors that may be responsible for honour based violence in the region, e.g. social factors, Islamic religion and individual behaviours toward family honour. During this research the researcher has conducted semi-structured interviews with two victims of honour based violence, personnel from the legal system of Pakistan and a religious scholar.

This research suggests that Islam as a religion does not allow any kind of violence including honour based violence. Residents of Khyberpukhtoonkhwa have inherited Islam through their ancestors; however they do not know much about Islam. Therefore lack of education about Islam primarily encourages honour based violence in the region. Apart from this some cultural and economic factors also contribute to the increased incidence rates of honour based violence in the region which are discussed in detail in this research.


First of all I would like to thank my research supervisor Chris Lyle for her continuous support and guidance throughout this research. I am also thankful to University of Wolverhampton for giving me the access to free material for this research.

I would also like to express my gratitude to my whole family and especially my beloved grandmother Yousaf Zai for her unlimited prayers that I will always owe towards her. I pay tribute to my whole family and especially my sisters Asma and Salma for their enormous support during my studies and all aspects of my life.

At last, I thank the victims of honour based violence, the religious scholar and the personnel from the judicial system, whom I interviewed for this research. There is no doubt that the success of this dissertation would have never been possible without their time and experience sharing.

Sher Afgan

Contact No; 0092 333 9191797


History of Honour Based Violence10
Honour Based Violence in Pakistan12
Honour based violence and legal system of Pakistan14
Honour based violence and Islam15
Purpose of the Research16
Contents of this research17

Literature Review19

Common themes21
Possible Threats to family’s honour22
Defying Parental authority22
Male/Female Relationship24
Fighting for her own Rights25
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