Honor Killing of Muslim Women

Topics: Islam, Honor killing, Women's rights Pages: 4 (1308 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Honor Killings of Muslim Women

Killings in the name of honor are undoubtedly a disaster, an unlawful act, a terror against humanity. Honor Killings of Muslim women is an antique trend followed in Islam in which male members of family and social community deliberately kill women and girls of their family or tribes as a result of belief that they have conducted any shameful act and ruined the reputation of family or tribe. Honor Killings in Muslims has been inherited from the ancient tribal days of 1200 BC when no major religion was came into being thus honor killing has no direct relation to Religion. The concept of Honor Killings has developed as a result of several attitudes in culture based on classes and background, and religious groups, where women is considered as a property of men and possess no rights. The alleged degradation is mostly based upon suspicions only and these suspicious behaviors include unacceptable style of dressing, willingly marrying anyone by own choice particularly with someone who belongs to opposing community or tribe, conducting immoral sexual acts, or even engaging in homosexual acts. Statistics show that about 20000 women become victim of honor killing every year particularly in Asia and Middle East (Fisk. R., 2010, n.d.). Honor Killing in the name of religion is the most hideous crimes and it is still occurring in most part of the worlds due to perceived shameful acts in the eyes of men and such tragic events have very valuable lesson in it for the educated and mature people.

Pakistan, the Islamic republic country, is deliberated as one of the most harmful and dangerous country for women to live in because of growing rate of crime in form of honor killing and other related valiances. According to a survey conducted in this regard, it was discovered that Pakistan was the fifth largest country in which women were killed for dowry and honor. Islam and law both prohibits in punishing victims unless...
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