Factors Affecting Lpu Cavite Cithm Students in Shifting Specialization of Course

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Background of the Study

Tertiary education broadly refers to all post-secondary education, including but not limited to universities. Universities are clearly a key part of all tertiary systems, but the diverse and growing set of public and private tertiary institutions in every country—colleges, technical training institutes, community colleges, nursing schools, research laboratories, centers of excellence, distance learning centers, and many more—forms a network of institutions that support the production of the higher-order capacity necessary for development. (www.worldbank.org) People attend college and university for many different reasons for example, new experiences, career preparation, and increased knowledge. Many students attend college or university for many reasons. Although people think that universities are available for career preparation and increasing knowledge, in colleges represent a new experience on life. In a social perspective, going to college and university is e new experience in life and through such live experience people become more wiser, mature and responsible .Student that attend colleges are separated from their parents and their homes Now they are forced to face another reality but this time at different rules, being alone and not having the support of their families. Through that they use to be more mature and to handle the world by themselves. Similarly, participating in a college could be very useful for people because only in these ways they can come across to diverse social, cultural and multi-language groups. By meeting new people that are not from their hometown and further that they do not speak the same language could be e new experience that each ones of them can have. (www.essayforum.com )

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is responsible in the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and programs for the development and efficient operation of the higher education system in the country. The delivery of higher education in the Philippines is provided by private and public higher education institutions (HEIs). (www.ched.gov.ph )

Lyceum of the Philippines University is the country’s first and only resort campus. LPU-Cavite is in Gen. Trias. The following colleges in Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) Cavite has different courses to offer in their academic programs list. College of International Tourism Hospitality Management (CITHM) offers the following courses a).Bachelor of Science in International Travel and Tourism Management, b).Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management in Cruise Line Operations in Culinary Arts, c). Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management in Cruise Line Operations in Hotel Services d). Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations, e). Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. The College of Arts and Science (CAS) offers a). Bachelor of Science in Psychology b). Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts c).Bachelor of Arts Communication d). Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English e). Bachelor of Science Foreign Service, f).Bachelor in Elementary Education. Includes in the College of Engineering and Computer Studies (COECS) offers a). Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering b). Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering c). Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering d). Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering e). Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering f).Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering g). Bachelor of Science in Information Technology h.) Bachelor of Science Information Technology. And lastly, the College of Business Administration (CBA) offers a). Bachelor of Science in Accountancy b). Bachelor of Science Business Administration Major in Operations Management c.) Bachelor of Science Business...
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