Facilitating Learning

Topics: Departments of France, Sablon, Greatest hits Pages: 4 (419 words) Published: July 8, 2012
|Sire IHU.11.S.102170- Aelbredht x Vandenheede |Grand Sire 4380867/2007 “The dream Cock” |GRT.GR.Sire 4316087/2003 Son of De “Marseille” Direct Marcel Aelbrecht.| | |“Direct Marcel Aelbrecht” |“De Raul Sablon” Line’s, world class Pigeons’s! “087” Is A Supper | |170 contains all the very best of Marcel Aelbrecht’s and also the best of |Grandson to the world famous MARSEILLE Better known as “The GOLDMINE |Breeding Cock & son of Aelbrechts No.1 Breeder De Marseile | |F&J Vandenheede’s famous De Rauw Sablon Bloodline’s. Class breeding in |of Lebbeke” & “Fijn Blauw” (Fine Blue) | | |this late bred! |One of the best long distance breeding couple’s in the world. The |GRT.GR. Dam 4316006/2003 Direct “Marcel Aelbrecht” | | |Line of (De Raul Sablon) |“De Raul Sablon” Line’s, Top Breeding Hen, for or Marcel Aelbrecht | | | | | | | | | | | |GRT.GR. Sire 4266659/2006 Brennin...
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