Facebook Friends vs Real Friends

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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A Facebook Friend is not a friend. A Friend is not someone who just comments on your rant or picture of your cat. A friend is not someone who just asks you send loot in Farmville or plays scrabble with you on your mobile phone.

A real friend calls you when you’re sick or when you’re sad, and they know what you’re sick or you’re sad because they called you the day before. A friend is someone you share memories with, not comments. A friend is someone who moves far away, but still saves to visit you. Or a friend is someone who refuses to move too far away from you despite their plans or desires. A friend is someone who buys you a Christmas gift and gives it to you on Christmas, not someone who sends you an e-card. A friend is not a digital text but a face and a hug and tears and smiles and real laughter not LOL’s. A friend is someone that wants to stay your friend, even when you lose common interests or common geography or common ground.

A friend is someone you can chat with about movies. A friend is someone who asks how you are before telling you about themselves, not someone who posts their daily minutiae on your “wall”. A friend is someone who gives everything and asks for nothing. Not someone who only calls or emails when they want something from you. A friend is someone who’s happy to sit side by side with you and do nothing for hours just to hear talk.

A real friend is something you’re really lucky to have. A friend is someone you know with your heart, not your keyboard.

I’d rather have one real friend then a thousand digital “friends”. If you have real friends count yourself lucky and don’t lose them to your computer monitor.
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