Facebook Addiction: Is Facebook Addictive?

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Facebook Addiction: Is Facebook Addictive?
By: Orgelen Tafa
The creation of social networking websites such as Facebook, has allowed people to develop an unhealthy habit, which is much like an addiction, and is a growing problem that must be addressed quickly before it gets worse. There are three reasons why facebook can lead to addiction and it can lead to having no sense of time, lack of socialization and it causes problems in your personal life. Facebook can be very addictive for its users. Little do they realize that spending too much time on facebook, it has led to having no sense of time and even not being aware of time passing. Most importantly, it is said that mostly males are affected in big numbers than females on facebook as stated by Kuss and Griffiths (2011). Kuss and Griffiths (2011) both states that “from the general population at risk for developing an addiction mostly to playing video games are males” (Kuss & Griffiths, P. 68). Facebook mostly appeals to human needs and mostly users that like interactions with playing online games, which is considered one of the factors of addiction that leads to many hours on facebook and online. It encourages excessive play and that contributes to video game addiction on facebook users. Facebook makes people lose their reality of the real world and focusing on the fantasy world on facebook and especially focusing mostly with facing life problems and issues online, rather than living life outside facebook more often and longer than on facebook. Facebook is really a bad influence, because it attracts a lot of users’ attention to it and that leads to losing sense of time which is spending many countless of hours online and on facebook. Facebook today has led to lack of socialization in today’s society. Socialization in traditional sense is like dealing with an efficient enforced code of silence, and letting others to do your thinking for you and facebook kind of influenced people...
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