Face Perception

Topics: Consciousness, Psychology, Faces Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 10, 2013
These unconscious perceptions are factors of how a person will act around another person. These perceptions are extremely helpful guides to determine if a person is dangerous or not. Overall these perceptions help us recognize how to act around a person. However these perceptions shouldn’t be used as something that is relied on to evaluate a person, but just as a reference.

Further study into these perceptions can change everyone’s behavior. If these perceptions soon become something everyone starts to consciously do, then there is probably less chances of rash judgments. However may also result in more rash judgments due to misconceptions from what a person evaluates of the other person.

If every person were to start consciously be aware of these perceptions then there would also be a greater sense of caution amongst people. Everyone would be looking at each other’s faces to determine what kind of person they are and what that person might want to do. But these perceptions are all guesses, if everyone were to rely on these perceptions then no one would truly know the other unless they were to actually talk with each other.

This research can help in government affairs. It can help politicians with speeches, giving a more confident face or just how they present themselves in general. It can also help when there are foreign affairs. These perceptions would help decide what to say and how to act. Ultimately these perceptions can be used to prevent further conflicts between governments.

These perceptions are helpful in society in general. The media/advertisement companies would use these perceptions as a way to determine how to film a commercial or a show. Psychologist can use these perceptions as guide when treating their patients and possible build better relationships with patients due understanding them better. These perceptions can also be used amongst everyday things.

I’ve known about perceptions of the face after my father told me about it when I...
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