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The EYFS (early year’s foundation stage) is part of the childcare act which was introduced in 2006, it is the framework which sets the standards that all early years practitioners must meet, and it covers the outcomes in Every Child Matters; * Be healthy

* Stay safe
* Enjoy and achieve
* Make a positive contribution
* Achieve economic well-being
It is important that the EYFS covers all of these principles… A unique child- Every child is a unique child, they are all different; they develop in their own way so every child should be treated with respect. Positive relationships - Children learn to be strong by having positive relationships. Enabling Environment-children develop well in an enabling environment, so it is important that they have a strong partnership with there parents/carers Learning and development-All children learn in different ways so it is important that every child including children with learning difficulties and disabilities are taught in all the different ways, being playing and exploring, creative thinking and active learning. The EYFS framework has the same legal status as the national curriculum so it is compulsory for all early years’ providers however personal and individual approaches to learning and development are emphasised by the EYFS.

National and local guidance materials are used in settings by promoting children’s welfare, children’s safety is important in the early years setting; early years practitioners have to have the qualification of being able to work with children and have to have a CRB check. There might be important documents about a child or the child’s family which must be kept confidential. There are planning and organisation Policies and procedures in the nursery which include to plan and provide a positive and safe environment. The early year’s foundation stage links to Montessori; every child is unique, Children learn and develop at different times in different ways, positive...
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