Extreme Nationalism

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, World War I Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Extreme Nationalism.
The objective of my essay is to let you know what were the main causes of World War 2, focusing in extreme nationalism and letting you know my opinion about it. Introduction
The Second World War was a global conflict that resulted in more deaths than any other war. It started in 1939 and concluded in 1945. A lot of World Nations were involved including the Great Powers. There are several causes that led to the Second World War; here I mention the main ones: * A worldwide depression.- derived from the Great Depression, the world was suffering of extreme inflation, high prices and very low wages. People suffered despair and had no hope for the future and unemployment was very high. * Problems left from The First World War.- The German people were very unhappy about the treaty and thought that it was too sever to them. Germany could not afford to pay the money and during the 1920s the people in Germany were very poor because there were not many jobs and the price of food and basic goods was high. People were dissatisfied with the government and voted to power a man, Adolf Hitler, who promised to rip up the Treaty of Versailles. * The rise of Dictators.- Nations like Germany, Italy, and Japan came under the rule of dictators or military leaders. A dictator named Mussolini took power in Italy in 1922. Military leaders took control of Japan in the early 1930s. In Germany, Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party, gained power in 1933. These leaders promised to restore their countries. Hitler began to arm Germany for war. Japan invaded China. Mussolini sent Italian troops to conquer Ethiopia, in Africa. And the League of Nations failed or did nothing to stop them. * Ideologies.- Some ideologies doctrines and philosophies like totalitariansm, fascism, imperialism, militarism, racism and extreme nationalism affected too. The one I’m focusing is: extreme nationalism.

Extreme Nationalism.
Many countries were left out of...
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