Extracurricular Activities

Topics: High school, Community service, Key Club Pages: 1 (435 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Extracurricular Activities & Community Service

One extracurricular activity I have enjoyed doing is Key Club. I have been involved in Key Club for 3 years now, and my senior year I was a photographer. Key Club has impacted my life as it has taught me that helping other is very important. Key Club major focus is volunteer work and helping the community. With Key Club I have I gained a greater understanding in helping others, but also your community. Through Key Club I have meet a lot of new people. Mr. Viera has been in charge of Key Club for a lot of years, he always shows a lot of passion in everything he does Key Club related. Which always motivates me to try my best at all Key Club events. During my four years of high school I was involved in Key Club, Tennis, UC Scholars, CSF, FFA, and Friday Night Live. I wish I could have dedicated more time to each event. Since I always challenged myself academically, I never really had all the time to focus on Key Club or another sport. I always had tutorial for one of my AP classes. If I could go back I would join more clubs, and dedicate more time to each. I am proud that I did join Key Club and Mentoring. I have learned a lot in both clubs.

One item that I don’t really consider community service, Is my Friday Night Live mentoring group. In this mentoring group the high school students go mentor middle school students about staying above the influence, and helping them out. Showing them that there more to life than alcohol, drugs, suicide, and cutting. I personally enjoy spending time with the kids and doing activities with them. This program has shown me that if we try to make a small difference on someone’s life it can mean a whole new opening to them. I have taught myself that life always goes on, no matter how hard it gets. That someone out there is going to help you out if you ask for help. This program has really given me a new insight on helping people. Chris is the guy who runs this program. He seems so...
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