Topics: Sachin Tendulkar, 2003 Cricket World Cup Pages: 4 (537 words) Published: February 26, 2013
1) 51.50=1
2) my papass pink pajama
3) mera wala pink
4) 12 o clock
5) world cup in a auto
6) let white be white and black be black
7) any colour
8. Hair today gone tomorrow
9.pink lace in a black shoe
10. Touch me NET
11. Rambo on the rampage
12. IPL - Ishq, Pyar, Love or It's Politics, Loser !
13.small is beutiful
14.tubelights are better then bulbs
15.my celll
16.manmohan singh is only a puppet
20.pink vs blue
21. word 'e'
24.black and white
25.shacks and shoe
26.life is coke..
27.fake world
28.fashion(to please other)
30.2011 year of scams
32.india ...is really a democratic country
33.sensex sensation
34.gold not alwz gliterrs
35.happinesss cost
36.old wine in a new bottle

Extempore / Group Discussion is one of the process in shortlisting the candidates in the B-schools. For preparation here I posted few Topics most probably one can expect in Interview. As it goes, you could be asked to extemporize on any issue/idea.  However, these topics mentioned here have appeared in the past at b-schools across the country.

    * Newspaper reading as a habit
    * Before criticising anyone, put yourself into their shoes     * Bungee jumping
    * Fear of the unexpected
    * Booming Bihar
    * Childhood
    * Most memorable moment
    * Funniest moment
    * Population explosion
    * Flyovers
    * Sachin Tendulkar
    * MBA education is a waste of money
    * Inflation, Good or Bad?
    * Saina Nehwal – the next youth icon
    * Trip to favourite holiday place
    * The man who laughs last laughs best
    * Tough conditions don’t last, tough men do
    * Favourite company
    * Favourite serial
    * Favourite actor
    * Your idol
    * Favourite business personality
    * Is it possible to implement ‘one child’ policy?     * Foreign channels are a threat to our culture
    * If...
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