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Group Presentation – Firm/Industry Case Study-Global Competition


Research a firm/industry of your interest, use economic theory you learned to analyze your findings. Please follow the outlines and make your group presentation informative, creative and interesting.

• Pick a firm/industry to study.

• What kind of market structure does this firm/industry belong to?

(Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition or Competitive Market)

An oligopoly is a market structure characterized by a small number of relatively large firms

An oligopoly usually exhibits the following features:
• Product branding: Each firm in the market is selling a branded product. • Entry barriers: Entry barriers maintain supernormal profits for the dominant firms. It is possible for many smaller firms to operate on the periphery of an oligopolistic market, but none of them is large enough to have any significant effect on prices and output • Inter-dependent decision-making: Inter-dependence means that firms must take into account the likely reactions of their rivals to any change in price, output or forms of non-price competition. • Non-price competition: Non-price competition is a consistent feature of the competitive strategies of oligopolistic firms.

• Who are the major competitors?

• Elasticity of demand and supply of the firm’s/industry’s product.

• The impact of progressive technology advance and globalization to the firm’/industry’s market share in the United States and global market.

• How does the firm/industry place itself in the “Green Economy”?

• The impact of current global recession to the firm’s/industry’s business profit/loss.

• What do you predict the firm/industry’s future, short run and long run in the perspective of global competition?

• Do you have any suggestion for the firm/industry? (What will you do if you were the decision maker...
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