Expository Essay on Stress

Topics: Rush hour, Gridlock, Traffic congestion Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Stressed, left eye twitching, shouting at inanimate objects? Eighty three percent of all Canadian drivers find peak hour traffic more stressful than work. That means sitting in traffic is worse than sitting through your boss's PowerPoint presentation.

Everybody has their own personal traffic nightmare, whether it's a massive backup, or perhaps, those screaming kids in the back. However, there is a way to calm your seething road rage and keep cool through the frustrating gridlock.

If you find yourself in one of these situations the first thing to do in order to calm yourself down is to embrace the fact that you are stuck in a gridlock. You are going to be there for a while, you might as well have a good time. The second thing you do is to call and indicate that you are going to be late, because you do not want added stress on top of the traffic jam.You can try to drive around the traffic jam, but in some big cities everybody's going to be re-routeing around it. You can use your GPS apps to try to get through it, or you can as, I mentioned before, resign yourself in spending a little bit of more time in the car. If your family is in the car, make an activity out of it. Bring a camera, take some pictures of the car, or traffic and then upload those photos to iTunes or iPhoto, make an album out of it and say "Hey! We survived carmageddeon"

AAA.com says that really bass heavy, intensive music will actually make you more prone to road rage. So try to avoid listening to talk radio or fast-paced music while stuck in traffic. Music such as soothing nature sounds, string performances or even slow-tempo songs will help keep you calm and feeling relaxed. You can also sing along to music while in the car as an alternative form of stress relief, in which case any type of fast or slow music will work. Being in traffic jams can also be a productive time. You can use this time to listen to an audio book, and catch up on podcasts of news, or listen to the newest Game of...
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