Exposition Critiques and New Directions for Pantayong Pananaw

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  • Published : November 10, 2014
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BSA 1-1

Expositions, Critiques, And New Directions For Pantayong Pananaw (Reaction Paper)
Ramon Guillermo criticized Zalazar’s concept, Pantayong Pananaw (PP) and gave some suggestions to the said concept.
According to him, PP simply means “For-us-from-us Perspective”. Pantayong pananaw is a concept which deals to study our history using own language and perspective. For Salazar, History should be written in a language that is understandable for the ones who need the information. Guillermo found out some problems with Salazar’s concept. He cited that PP only emphasized the commitment of the scholar to the national discursive domain in the national language. PP regarded the use of foreign concepts and theories opposing the fact that PP is a mere nativism. It aimed to disregard alienated information, but it only used the national language and continuously adopts foreign facts and theories. It was also a problem for the interpreters to correct information if such error exists. He also cited ideological conflict as a problem with PP.

Due to the said reasons, Guillermo came with four suggestions. First is that, our national language should be the primary language for the Philippine social sciences, but Salazar should also consider broader definitions. Second is the development of transition protocols to accommodate scholars with different Page 1 of 2

linguistic preferences. Third, PP should only be a national critical viewpoint towards the development of Philippine social sciences for the Filipinos. Lastly, PP should formulate steps and continuously have an experiment about the restructuring of the Philippine social sciences.

Salazar is actually right when he said that history should be useful to the ones who need the information thus, it should be understandable. But Guillermo was also right in criticizing his concept. PP should not limit the study of our History. It should also consider other scholars who acquire the use of a...
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