Export Management Paper

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Management is a term commonly used in every activity. It means planning, organizing, directing, controlling and coordinating the specific activity so as to achieve its objective. Such activity may be related to purchase, production, and marketing and as well export.

Export management means conducting the export activity in an orderly, efficient and profitable manner. Since the heart of each business is marketing, export management can be termed as export marketing management. Because if needs to be managed efficiently so that the export should increase and exporter should get more profit and importer should get more satisfaction. Therefore export management activity is growth oriented and dynamic in nature. Export marketing management and domestic marketing management are two aspects of the same coin i.e. total marketing management.

However export marketing management is more difficult and complicated as compared to domestic marketing due to several factors such as, three faced competition, varied regulations of different countries, language, etc. If requires systematic approach for comprehensive oversea, marketing research: therefore export management involves the study of foreign markets, requirements, of foreign buyers, potential marketing opportunities and using and them tactfully for large-scale exporting.

Export management is basically planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling all activities relating to export of goods and services to other counties. It involves various activities such as production of exportable good, collection of orders from foreign buyers and their execution, publicity in abroad, adoption of sales promotion techniques, price fixation and looking after various procedures and formalities relating to exporting of goods. It is rightly said that export management involves functions and activities undertaken by the department/ division of a large manufacturing enterprise. The scope of export management is vast as everything concerned with exporting comes within the scope of export management. It is also argued that export management means what an export manager does.


The term export of management is rather difficult to define precisely as it is dynamic in scope. Secondly, standard definition of the term export management is not available as it is an applied subject. Here, the principles of management are applied to the management of export trade/ marketing activities. However, it is possible to note some simple definition of export management. Such definitions are as noted below:

1. Export management means managing export marketing activity efficiently, smoothly and in an orderly manner. 2. Export management means finding at opportunities for marketing goods & services in foreign markets and exporting such opportunists for the benefit of an exporting firm, subject to existing export rules and regulations. 3. Export management is one specific area of business management and it is concerned exclusively with exporting goods abroad. It is concerned with international marketing activities and operations. 4. Export Management means planning, organizing, coordinating and control export efforts or activities to achieve desired export objectives smoothly and with continuance. 5. According to B. S. Bathor, “Export Marketing includes the management of marketing activities for products across the national boundary or a country”.


Increase in exports provides several benefits to exporter as well as the Nation, Export sector has been termed as a priority sector for Indian Economy. It is treated as an engine of economic growth and an instrument for employment generation. Government has made every effort to increase export, and raise the volume and value of exports....
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