Exploring Strengths and Weaknesses to Deal with Life Situations

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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My strengths on my life are that I am good listening people and giving some solutions in some cases also that I am compassionate. I use my strengths to help my friends that have problems giving them some solutions and compassionate helping other people because I like to help people that needed. What are two of your greatest weaknesses my to greatest weaknesses are that I ‘am not a great communicator because I am very shy, The problems that this weaknesses bring me its that when I present a project or a work in front of a group sometimes I start to stuttering. This affect others some times because when it’s a team work its can affect the grade of the other member. In what specific ways would your life change if this weakness didn’t exist I think that it would change it a lot because I would be more confident about what I say.

If I were receiving an award I would want that award represents, I want that the award be of bowling because I am passionate about the things that I make because I train hard to win the tournament that I am playing. On the life all the person have somebody that I admire on my case The persons that I admire most are my parents because they know how to handle a bad situation and I know how to tranquilize me in situations where I can not perform. Also because when we've been through bad situations they were able to continue on no matter what the situation. Do I have any of those characteristics maybe in some cases I have the characteristic of Organized and Flexible/Adaptable because some times when I am distracted and tired I am not organized.

My skills for me are that I am good on bowling and a little bit on muay Thai also playing poker. My two potential life situations that cause you to feel the most fear are when my grandmother get sick and she put nervous and start saying that he would die and that make feel fear because I love my grandmother also because my father put sad because it his mom and my mother...
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