Exploring Personality in the Indian Deodorant Category

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Exploring Personality in the Indian Deodorant category
Indian Deodorant category: A personality perspective
The Deodorant market in India transformed from being a predominantly grey market to a market with severe competition among popular brands. Most of the deodorant brands have taken advantage of the progressive and cultural shift happening in India by appealing to hedonistic pleasures of using a deodorant with daring advertisements that appeal to the Id component of the personality of the target market. Most of the brands focus on the primitive and baser drives, mostly sexual, of the individual and focusing on the sensation seeking trait, while some of the brands also appeal to the under stimulated category of individuals who are in need of excitement in their lifestyles. The brand personalities of most of the brands conform to excitement in the brand personality framework and appeal to linking the ideal self-image of the consumer with the brand in order to forge a strong self-brand connection As the market gets more cluttered by brands which focus on the same personality aspects of the target market, recent launches by a few brands focussing on the need for cognition (NFC) of the consumers and also targeting the low dogmatic consumers with product related, factual benefits makes for an interesting learning in application of personality concepts.

Brands in the category
AXE: Axe appeals to the Id component of personality with its advertisements focusing on attractive women going after the male with the ‘Axe Effect’. With its ‘Call me’ campaign it appealed to the ideal self-image of modern youth who likes to see himself getting phone numbers of girls and being a point of female attraction. It has also used its brand personality to attain fortification in life cycle by entering the soap market with Axe Deo Soap. Wild stone: Wild stone targets the hedonic needs of the consumer with its advertisement of man being seduced by a woman with peripheral cues like...
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