Exploratory Paper on Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Human rights, Amnesty International Pages: 4 (1834 words) Published: December 2, 2011
Death Penalty: Is China worst executor due to the morality?

Samo Valuch
ENG 290
Miles White
Explanatory paper
November 20th, 2011
The death penalty or in other words capital punishment is a form of execution used for a long time. It is a form of punishment that was and still is used by several countries for various types of crimes for hundreds of years. However the death penalty has become a very debatable and confronting issue for last decades due to the fact of people having different opinions on this issue. In some countries it is considered to be a part of the judicial system, while in other countries it is considered to be an act violating human rights. During the first decade of 21st century, about two thirds of world vide countries have abolished the capital punishment due to the fact it is a violation of moral codex and human rights. There are always pros and cons to every action humans are able to do, so it is with the issue of death penalty. Countries such as China, USA, Japan or India have still retained to the execution of criminals by death penalty. However there are many intergovernmental and human rights organization such as the European Union that understands the death penalty to be one of the most pressing human rights issues of all time. (Babcock S., 2007) People are questioning the courts if death penalty really deters the crime, or if it is just a need to satisfy society’s desire for revenge. We can find many arguments against it; however the answer to question of abolishing the death penalty by the entire world is unclear and in far future. China is the country known for using many forms of inhuman punishment methods. There can be find an evidence showing the China to be the country with the highest execution case rate. I could not believe these statements, so I decide to search this issue...
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