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  • Published: March 20, 2012
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This piece of literature first appeared in the New Republic. It was written by former New York City mayor, Edward Koch. This essay was written primarily to justify his position in favor of capital punishment. He explains to readers that although there have been attacks on his opinion, he has closely examined the opposing arguments and still supports the death penalty. Edward Koch does an excellent job in his efforts to persuade those who are morally opposed to capital punishment to change their opinions, or at least to examine the arguments more closely. In his essay, the author includes seven main arguments opposing capital punishment and refutes them. People may find that the death penalty is a barbaric act and Koch argues this point by suggesting that the method of lethal injection is actually quite humane and literally painless. He also argues that although no other democratic country imposes the death penalty as a form of punishment, no other country boasts a murder rate as high as the United States. The author contends with those who believe capital punishment diminishes life’s value by suggesting the contrary. He has found those who are sentenced to death have been judged fairly and with a great deal of examination. Koch then refutes the argument of capital punishment as a state-sanctioned murder by acknowledging that the state holds much different rights and responsibilities than the individual. Edward Koch’s main purpose in writing and publishing this essay is to convince readers that there is extensive reasoning behind his position in favor of capital punishment. The author has made an excellent attempt to persuade readers to find favor with capital punishment. So long as the reader maintains an open mind and has minimal opinion on the subject, he or she would find the essay very convincing. For a reader with a very strong opinion, the essay may not have much effect in altering his or her position. The author’s success may be accredited to several...
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