Exploitation Within the Us

Topics: Unfair labor practice, Jim Crow laws, White American Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: May 11, 2013
In the case of Duke Power and Co. there is much evidence of biased exploitation in the workplace. Duke Power and Co, through various efforts infringed on the rights of its African American employees and persisted in using unfair practices to limit their ability to advance within the company. The act of paying African Americans significantly lower wages than their Caucasian counterparts in attempts to confine them to the labor department as well as administering exams which had no correlation to their job, reinforces the notion of exploitation . In which one party benefits over another by using an individual for selfish gain. Through the practices of acquity exams, and unfair wages, Duke Power and Co. exceeded in exploiting its African American workers. Several arguments elaborate over the exploitative nature of Duke Power and Co. Throughout the 1960s-1970s; Duke Power and Co. led unfair labor practices. Duke Power significantly underpaid its African Americans employees and persisted in utilizing other modes in efforts to continue its actions. In the 1960’s, “the highest-paid worker in the labor department earned less than the lowest-paid employee in the four other departments where only whites worked ” Illustrating an obvious disadvantage, for African American employees. Not only where they making significantly less than Caucasian workers but, they were confined to the labor department, which had the most arduous tasks. Similarly, Duke Power and Co. administered exams in which had no bearing on the ability for its workers to perform tasks efficiently . The exams, measured workers intelligence and did not have questions which pertained to doing their jobs. The exam in itself was an exploitative measure since, at that time most African Americans did not have access to forms of higher education due to the discrimination and segregation practices within the Nation. Duke Power and Co. knowing that African Americans would fail at a much higher rate than Caucasians...
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