Explanation of the Population Pyramid Annotation.

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1a) See Map .
1b) describe an account for variations in density of population within your chosen country (Brazil)

Firstly , every country has its own population density. According to(http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/population-density.html) population density means ‘’Measure of the intensity of land use, expressed as number of people per square kilometre or square mile. Also called density of population’’. The World’s population is increasing rapidly and along with that increase come implications for our nearest future because the total population of human is a significant factor in environmental crisis. Consumption of energy, 1

food, water, increased pollution, CO2 production, all increase as the population increases. The population in Brazil was 17,438,434 then it increased to 51,944,397 in 1950 and by 1970 it reached 93,139,037. The average population density in Brazil is low compared to that of so many other countries. Although since 1970, there has been an increase in migration as well as from the rural to the urban areas. In 1994, The Average population density in Brazil was 18.5 inhabitants per square kilometre. There was a clear variation between the densely populated South-east and South, the sparse North and Centre-West and the Northeast at intermediate levels. According to the 1996 population census, (the process of collecting social, economic and demographic data consisting of each inhabitant of a country or territory at a definite period of time) . The most populated part of the country is the South-east (63 million), followed by the North-east (45 million), then the South (23.1 million), the North (11.1 million), and lastly, the Centre-West (10.2 million). The most inhabited states are São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Minas Gerais. In many cities and some rural areas, mainly in the major metropolitan areas, the population of females is more than the population of males. The predominance of women over men in the population of Brazil has been going on for a long time and has persisted. The 1996 population census showed that there were 97 men for every 100 women and that the total number of women exceeded the total number of men by 5 million. Also, The average age of the Brazilian population has greatly increased as a result of a decrease in infant mortality and an increase in the fertility Rate. In conclusion, All the states that are very populated are along the Atlantic coast, this shows that most people in Brazil live near or on the Atlantic coast of the north-eastern and southern-eastern states and that is because it is surrounded by water and it boosts up trade through water transport of goods and houses are easier to build in this part of the country. .(http://www.brazil.org.uk/brazilinbrief/population.html)

2) Brief explanation of the population pyramid annotation.

The population pyramid clearly shows that pyramid B is more developed than pyramid A. It is divided into males and females, the sex group and the percentage age is also given. The two pyramids provides a comparable view of a more economically developed country and a less economically developed country in the size of their age structure, birth rate, death rate, life expectancy and infant mortality. A shows an increase in the number of young individuals as a result to the high birthrate. It is an example of a typical low economically developed country because of its high death rate, high birth rate and low life expectancy while B is a more economically developed country because of its Low death rate, low birth rate ang high life expectancy.


Countries | Births per
Population| Deaths per
Tunisia| 18| 6|
Nigeria| 42| 17|
Zambia| 45| 20|
Congo| 38|...
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