Explain What Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Fundamental human needs, Abraham Maslow Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: August 5, 2010
1.Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that people will first attempt to fulfill basic needs such as physiological and safety needs, and then if those are satisfied, they will make efforts to satisfy other needs, such as social and esteem needs. According to this theory, only when their most basic needs have been satisfied will people be able to concentrate on satisfying higher-level needs. However, if their basic physiological and safety needs become threatened, they would then be likely to revert to focusing on those lower-order needs. They would decrease their efforts to satisfy other needs (such as social and esteem needs) until or unless the threat has passed. a.Physiological needs: The need for the most basic essentials of life, such as water, food, shelter, and so on. Problem: Leo Henkelman was fired from his first job at a slaughterhouse after fighting with another employee. Because of this, he had no income and therefore the need for the most basic essentials of life. He had to find another job in order to fulfill the physiological needs. Satisfied: Sandstrom Products eventually hired Henkelman.

b.Security (safety) needs: The need to feel safe and secure. Problem: Henkelman felt insecure when he was fired from his first job. Satisfied: Sandstrom Products eventually hired Henkelman.
c.Social (belongingness) needs: The need to be loved and accepted by other people. Problem: Every time a paint or lubricant formula did not work, Henkelman would suggest to the lab people solutions for a failing formula to work. However, they would always reject his ideas without explaining why. Because of this, he felt that the company was just not interested in his brain. Finding little at the job to challenge him, Henkelman enjoyed spending times in bars with friends after work. He would show up for work with a hangover, only to return home sick. He was also arrested and lost his driver’s license. Satisfied: He finally realized that he had to straighten out his life,...
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