Explain the Reasons Why Children and Young Peoples Development May Not Follow the Expected Pattern

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Unit 022 Outcome 3
Understand how to monitor children and young people’s development and interventions that should take place if this is not following the expected pattern

2 Explain the reasons why children and young people’s development may not follow the expected pattern

There are many reasons and factors why a child is not following the expected pattern of development. For example the child may be emotionally unsettled due to a number of reasons. Family life plays a significant part in a child’s development. If for instance the child is living with parents who constantly argue and fight this will have an effect on the child and cause stress. Also if the child is from a one parent family there may be difficulties as a parent trying to juggle everything on their own may not have as much time to spend nurturing and boosting a child’s development.

The child may be at a disadvantage environmentally due to poor housing or area in which they live. If a house is poorly heated the child may experience bad health due to dampness. Or the child may be living in cramp conditions and unable to play and explore so easily. Not so well off families may be living in poorer areas with little access to amenities which can cause stress to parents which will affect the child’s development.

Some children have a poor diet and this can affect their growth and thus affect the physical side of development. There have been many studies on diet and its effects and results have shown that a child who has a nutritious and healthy diet achieves more in life. It is difficult for a family on a low income to promote a healthy diet for their child and thus can result in poorer health and physical issues. Also some children’s genetic code may affect the pattern in which they develop. This could mean that they are slower to develop but no reason is found.

There are also cultural issues that may affect a child’s development. Families...