Experiment 4

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Hideout In Geylang
Ah Ngow : I’m sorry Lou Foo. I should not have killed you. Chin: Can I be released now? I know that you are a good guy. Ah Ngow: Alright, but you better don’t report this to the police. ( unties the rope on Chin) Chin : I wont.

Policewoman : Stop right there!
Ah Ngow and Chin: Frozed
Ah Ngow : Quickly grabs Chin and place a knife at his neck. Chin : What are you doing? ( surprised)
An Ngow : Don’t worry. I wont kill you. It’s a trap for the police.( whispering in his ear) Ah Ngow : Put the gun down now! Or I will kill him.
Policewoman : Okay. ( puts the gun down slowly)
AhNgow: Now move back 10 Steps!
Policewoman : (move 10 steps back.)
Ah Ngow : Now , tell me why you are here?
Policewoman : I am here to arrest you under the crimes of kidnapping. Ah Ngow : Do you think I would let you arrest me ? No, you are mistaken! I am not an easy target. Policewoman : Sir , can you please put the knife away ?

Ah ngow : I wont. U think im stupid?!
Policewoman : Calm down sir! We can settle this easily.
Ah Ngow : Alright, I will the knife down but don’t you dare try to do any silly thuings. You got it ?! Policewoman : Okay now, let the victim go sloly .
Ah Ngow : That’s too much! . I wont release him!
Policewoman: ( signals the other officers to come to the crime scene , surrounds Ah Ngow ) Ah Ngow : Ahhh! ( throws Chin to the side and runs away!)
Policewoman : Catch him !
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