Experiences of Poverty and Educational Disadvantage

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Experiences of Poverty and
Educational Disadvantage


The article “Experiences of Poverty and Educational Disadvantage,” written by Donald Hirsh focus primarily on the differences of children from different backgrounds, class and ethnicity in relation to their educational journey. These differences can range from teaching styles, homework and or home life, or the overall perception of school itself as seen by the student. The realization of poor or low income children not having the proper funding for a great education is shameful. Especially here in the United States of America where so many individuals believe that a great education and hard work provides the foundation for achieving the “American Dream”.


Many individuals believe that low income is a strong predictor of low educational performance. This holds true for many low income students but we have to ask ourselves why. Then and only then will we as a society be able to understand and correct this growing problem faced by low income students. We know that in most low income homes parents often work until late night to provide for their families. There fore those parents are not around to help students with homework assignments or other areas the student may need help in. Some of the parents themselves do not have the educational background to help their children with assignments even if they had the extra time. Also in some low income homes education is just not a priority.

Teachers in low income schools are not as passionate as those in affluent schools. Because these teachers have more to deal with they are typically more stressed out and usually have very little or no patience. Although this (stressed out adults) is nothing new to most low income students it’s one reason why they mentally withdraw from school. Which is why so many low income students fall behind in their learning skills at such an early age?

In most low income schools the conditions are shocking...
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