Socioeconomic Classes

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Appendix D
Educational Implications of Socioeconomic Status Matrix
Directions: Based on your personal experiences and on the readings for this course, answer the questions in the green section of the matrix as they apply to each of the listed socioeconomic classes. Fill in your answers and post your final draft as directed by the course syllabus.

Socioeconomic Classes
QuestionsUnemployed and HomelessWorking ClassMiddle ClassUpper Middle ClassUpper Class Who is most likely to be a part of this socioeconomic class?Those not having a job, suffering from family illness, lack of money to afford housing, women living in violent situations, suffering from poverty.People with basic jobs like labor workers and people who work under someone. People who work part time, work in jobs college graduates and upper class don’t want to work.People with income of $30,000 to $80,000 (Gollnick & Chinn, 2006, p.63). These people typically live from pay check to pay check with little savings if at all.People who have professional jobs, managers and those holding administrative positions. Most people in this class have a college degree.People having a high amount of wealth or income, may have inherited money, includes highly paid administrators and professionals. How do teacher expectations positively or negatively impact this socioeconomic class?Teachers shouldn’t hold any opinions about students who are part of this class. Teacher expectations may be higher to help these students to succeed who come from homelessness or unemployed parents. Teachers may feel these students may not be able to have a good or high academic level.Teachers may favor some students. There are students who will pass and some who may just go through classes in this class.Teachers may expect students in this class to succeed better. They may treat these students better than students of a lower class.Teacher expectations of this class would be more like to pass...
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