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Topics: Change, New York City, Academic degree Pages: 2 (888 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Have you ever thought how much someone can grow and learn through the experiences? There are many factors in how people can change their personality; their way of thinking and every day grow more as a person. Life is too complex to understand, it is better to live and enjoy each day to the fullest that it is where you learns more. In my opinion, I believe in what my mother says, "Everyone must go through their own experiences and learn from their own mistakes". I personally have changed a lot as a person in the past two years by different life experience like my graduation in college, starting a new job and moving to another country.

My first impact when I understood that my life was changing and I had to go through new roads was my graduation day. I was with my toga and cap in a huge classroom with more than a hundred students, all seated waiting for our bachelor’s degree. Upon hearing my name and having to climb onto the stage to receive my degree was the moment when I realized that I was no longer a child and I became a woman with a degree from preschool teacher. The shock of knowing that my life was going to start to be different and I will start a new life as an adult and with a real job frame my life. The jump from being a student to becoming a professional is awesome, I am very proud of my achievements but on the other hand, I went into a panic at not knowing what was coming next. I think that in that moment was a huge change in my life that made ​​me mature tremendously.

After I understand that my life had changed, I started my adventure of living the life that I always dreamed, to be a teacher. The time of being a head teacher had arrived. During my two years of working I was a head teacher of Nursery. The experience I had during those two years was amazing; it's incredible how children transmit you peace, happiness and that innocence that captures the heart of everyone. However, some of my biggest challenges during my years of work were dealing...
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