Experience as an Intern Reporter, Investigative Journalism, and Responsibility and Free Speech

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Essay 1
I used to work as intern reporter in News Center of Jiaxing in 2011. My job was to collect daily news with my supervisor. The reason for I apply for the internship was quite simple: I was intending to practice my news report writing skills through it. But, when I finished the internship and looked back to the reports I was involved in, I felt like gaining more than I expected at the beginning.

As a trainee, I was told not to write paper in the office, which is contrary to my first intension, instead, I was required to go out on a story with veteran journalists every day. It was really a hard job, physically and psychologically. Carrying recording or shooting instruments to look for news or writing materials, you're gonna walk across high streets and back lines for the most of the day and suffer from continuous refuses for interviews and even come to unprovoked abuses. Although the job was hard, the life was engaged.

When it was approaching Spring Festival, which is a significant and boisterous day in China, Jiaxing Daily had a program that people could apply for getting a Fu character representing a lucky symbol in China. I participated in interviewing Jiaxing citizens over the topic "Are you happy? " and writing the report about this event for the first time. We had a short interview with the interviewees. Most of the appliers are aged or middle-aged people with no jobs. They lived in a relatively low living condition and had less money. Many of them did not have children staying with them. Especially I remember at that time I interviewed an old man who was a veteran living with his wife. Their children lived far away and would not return to them on Spring Festival. They were very lonely. I cannot forget their smiles when they received those Fu characters. I realized that as a journalist, we do not just mechanically collect information and convey it into a news report, and we also make changes and show loving care to people who need it.

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