A Summary of “Protecting Freedom of Expression”

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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English 102-07
October 4,2011

In Derek Bok's article:" Protecting Freedom of Expression on the Campus," Bok states his many interpretations of the actual meaning of the First Amendment. Universities all over the Untied States are finding it difficult to clarify the controversy over free speech. Bok's purpose in writing the essay is to bring out the differences between free speech and offensive material such as the display of Confederate flags and Swastikas, which was the situation at Harvard University. This made students in the community uneasy and offended. Those who exposed the symbols argued that if they were forced to remove certain symbols, it was against their right to free speech and expression. 
Bok explains that many other colleges and universities have had to deal with accusations such as these. Many groups have responded negatively in enforcing restrictions was wrong and against the First Amendment. The fact of the matter is that the students that are uncomfortable with displaying such images as a Confederate flag or a swastika, clearly out numbers the amount of students that find pride in such a thing. The students must have known that retaliating by exposing the swastika would result in upsetting others at the university. Bok explains that the U.S has been struggling with complications to the free speech rights. It’s an issue of whether to honor the freedom of speech completely or only to focus on developing a nation built on mutual respect.Works Cited

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