Expeditions After Magellan

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  • Published : August 6, 2012
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1. LOAISA – it was a failure because all members died at sea. 2. CABOT- also a failure because they were attacked by the hostile Indians. 3. SAAVEDRA- The crew touched Ladrones or Guam & reached Mindanao but were driven by winds at Tidore. All the members died at sea. 4. VILLALOBOS –Headed by Ruy Lopez de Villalobos. It was also a failure. He was able to reach Moluccas but was harassed by misfortunes so he died unhappy. It’s only historical significance was giving the name “Islas Filipinas” or Philippine Islands to our country. 5. LEGASPI- headed by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi was dispatched by King Philip II, 20 years after the Villalobos Expedition in order 1. to look for spices & bring samples of the spices to Spain; 2. to discover the return route to Mexico.He was given 3 Instructions by King Philip, namely: a. Preparations- there must be 300-350 soldier members who were required to confess their sins & receive Holy Communion before departure; b) Voyage- Legaspi is forbidden to go to Moluccas because it would be violation of the Treaty of Zaragosa with the King of Portugal. He has to go only to the Philippines & deal only with those islands having spices; c) Upon Arrival in the Philippines-Legaspi was to examine the ports , to learn the settlements & their wealth, the nature & way of life of the natives, trade & barter procedures, the value & prices of spices. A church shall be built near the port. And that Father Urdaneta will serve as their chief navigator & spiritual adviser. FOUR VESSELS of the Expedition:

1. San Juan ;2. San Pedro; 3. San Pablo; 4. San Lucas

King Philip directed Legaspi to colonize the Philippines even if he knew that it belonged to PORTUGAL as provided for in the Treaty of Zaragosa wherein Spain sold MOLUCCAS to Portugal for 350,000 gold ducats together with the PHILIPPINES.

BANKAW- chieftain of Limasawa with whom Legaspi had a blood...
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