Exp 105 Week 2 Paper

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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As I look back on the past few weeks, I still stand firm on how I look at online learning in retrospect to traditional classrooms. If anyone was to ask me about the quality of online education at Ashford University, I would have to commend those who took the time to construct Ashford’s online curriculum and praise how caring and thoughtful all the instructors are. When I first started my online experience here at Ashford University, I actually had reservations towards the instructor and my fellow classmates but, as I have now been interacting with them for the past 5 weeks, my outlook towards them has changed and I thank them for the opportunity to interact with them

The two most important things I have learned in this class would have to be Time management and how to properly use Netiquette. These two tools are very important to me so I will take what I have learn and incorporate these tools in my daily life and my schooling.

One thing that went well for me in this class is working do diligently and staying on top of my work. I want to use that for the rest of the time I’m in school. My motivation never decreased and I really want to do my best. One thing I can work on is reading and taking more time with the required reading material. I really would like to read a lot more and become a stronger reader. I plan to remember all things I learned from this class and all the things that I know made me a better student, and implement them as I enter new classes and situations. I’ll keep the same motivation and discipline and that will make me a successful student.
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