Existential Therapy

Topics: Psychology, Humanistic psychology, Individual Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: June 12, 2012
I have chosen to compare Existential Therapy and Person-Centered Therapy. I found that these styles of therapy were similar in a lot of ways but they are also individual in ways. Existential Therapy unlike some therapies was not established by one individual. This therapy was born of many schools of thought and philosophies (Corey, 2009). At a time when psychologists and psychiatrists were pondering how to help others overcome their obstacles, existential thought began to form. One of the aims of existential therapy is to challenge people to stop deceiving themselves regarding their lack of responsibility for what is happening to them and their excessive demands on life (Corey, 2009). Existential Therapy is based on the idea that we can choose who we are and any issues we encounter are by choice. This school of thought does not support that all of our problems can be blamed on our past experiences. As a professional counselor using the existential therapy techniques, the primary goal should be to show the client how to become active in the therapy process as well guiding them in their journey to change that they have chosen to be. Increased awareness is the central goal of existential therapy, which allows clients to discover that alternative possibilities exist where none were recognized before (Corey, 2009). Those individuals who are unable to take responsibility for their actions will be resistant to existential therapy. Ethically Existential Therapy is effective across cultures because the techniques can adapt and work with any cultural context. Existential counseling is probably the most useful approach to helping clients of all cultures find meaning and harmony in their lives, because it focuses on the sober issues each of us must inevitably face: love, anxiety, suffering, and death. These are the human experiences that transcend the boundaries that separate cultures (Corey, 2009). Existential Therapy focuses on human concerns that all...
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