Executive Summary: CATSA

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  • Published : March 16, 2012
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Executive Summary
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) maintains 3 critical issues. These issues are processing inefficiency, lack of communication between the departments, and insufficient planning. Mark Duncan has been given the task to fix these critical issues. Mark plans to use business intelligence (BI) system to help with these critical issues. Ideally a BI system should help analyze data by department, record important information, and help forecast traffic for future periods. Although a BI system will definitely help them function more efficiently, they must also hire additional IT technicians that are more capable of maintaining the system. IT technicians will be able to repair or prevent any technical down time. These down time are caused by either the program malfunctioning or equipment malfunctioning. IT technicians can also develop a plan in case of catastrophes that will prevent important data from being lost. Although CATSA may not be able to re-train all of their current employees, they may be able to train key employees. CATSA can create workshops or seminars that will train their management teams that supervise employees or users of the system. Once the management team has undergone these special training, they will be more prepared to help their staff with any problems that may occur with the system. These seminars will also allow the management staff to master the system and become knowledgeable within their departments so that they will be able to answer all questions made by their staff on the operations of the system. CATSA should also research TSA within U.S. airports. TSA is a similar organization and have implemented their version of the BI system. Their version, PIMS, has allowed TSA to fun more effectively and efficiently. CATSA should look into PIMS and use this system as a guideline when they decide to create their own BI system.

Critical Issues
As the vice-president and chief operating officer of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, Mark Duncan would like to maximize the utilization of the Business Intelligence (BI) system and add a balanced scorecard to the system to improve the organization’s strategic management. In doing so, he must address several operational and technical challenges may alter the effectiveness of the BI system: * Processing inefficiency – When screening equipment stops working, CATSA must involve different departments within the organization to fix the equipment. * Lack of inter-department communication – CATSA’s various departments has poor communication preventing synchronization. * Insufficient planning – At startup, CATSA rushed into its operations without a formal database or business process for planning and managing. Analysis

BI System
The primary issue Duncan would like to address is the implementation of a BI system. Changes in data collection will be made in the following areas: * Description of incidents
* Records of certification on equipment
* Number of approved and invoiced hours broken out by pre-screening hours, enhanced measures, hold-bag screening and non-passenger screening * Financial expenditures
* Number of training hours and description of training.
These areas, which are monitored by different departments, will now be consolidated, providing better inter-department synchronization. The only area that is unable to be part of the BI system is the CCTV security camera because it would require its own system. The only cost of implementing an organization-wide BI system is time needed to teach employees how to fully utilize the system. After the departments are consolidated there would be no communication issues because all departments, such as the equipment branch or finance department, would be working from the same system and referring to one location by the same name. Processing inefficiency

Because multiple groups within CATSA must continue their assigned tasks after screening equipment...
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