Airport Security Changes Since 9/11

Topics: Delta Air Lines, World's busiest airports by passenger traffic, Security Pages: 4 (1660 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Airport Security Changes since September 11, 2001

In this paper, I will try to demonstrate how drastically the security in airports has changed since the attacks occurred on September 11, 2001. September 11 is a day that probably every single person on this earth either remembers or at least knows about. The airports have had some of the biggest changes in how humans travel this earth. Every country has their own way of securing their airports, but they all have made changes in some way, shape or form. The question I have recently asked myself is; are these changes actually going to keep us safe when we fly? Can anyone really answer this question with 100 percent truthfulness? I personally do not think it is a question that can be answered with a completely correct answer. But regardless of how people feel about standing in line at an airport to go through security and take their shoes and jackets off, the airport has to do everything they can to make the skies safe. You will hear people complain about the long waits and the completely stripping of luggage, but if they did not do this and the person they let through without being scanned or searched had a bomb in their bags, you would feel pretty stupid for complaining about it in the first place.

Airport Security Changes since September 11, 2001
On September 10, 2001, you could walk into an airport, go to the counter and receive your ticket and pass right through security without waiting, stripping your shoes and jackets, taking out your computer and liquids from your carry-on bag and walk straight to your gate. Within ten to twenty minutes of arriving at the airport, you would be waiting at the gate for your plane to board. You may be accompanied by your family to say your final goodbyes or your family might even be anxiously waiting at the gate for you to walk down that hall after you have landed. In the Cleveland International Airport, your family could even go out on the...
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