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Topics: Management, Human resource management, The Culture Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: September 27, 2008
1. GE’s success in producing some of the best CEOs of the world can be mainly attributed to its policy of meritocracy based on measured performance. A strong focus on developing management talent resulted in one of the most refined and efficient HR management processes in the world. Some of the practices that contributed to this success story are: Decentralisation: A shift to decentralised system resulted in increased responsibility for managers, provided them with a clear career progress path thereby motivating them to perform better and helped management better identify star performers. Crotonville: In order to cater to the management development duties, Crotonville University provided exclusive Management, Executive & Leadership development programmes. EMS and Session C: Feedback sessions were used to identify ‘high potential’ employees who were then groomed for CEO roles by being made part of a holistic process that required them to succeed in exacting tasks such as doubling sales or turning around a loss making project. The success of this initiative was largely due to a committed top management that monitored the activities and gave constant feedback about the individual’s strengths and development areas. Culture: GE’s strong and tough culture where failure is allowed but making the same mistake twice is mortal allows its managers to take calculated risks. A manager’s independent decision making responsibility results in increased self-confidence. Further, exposure to managing diverse businesses, results in enhancing the business acumen of high-potential managers. Instilling the ‘GE Attitude’: A personal contact between CEO and high-potential managers develops a in them an attitude that inspires them to re-define the game in addition to meeting targets. Thus, creative and practical ideas result, contributing further to GE’s growth. In addition to all these factors, historically, the existing CEOs commitment to nurturing the next generation CEOs acts as a...
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