Exclusion Essay

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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On Halloween, I was going to go trick-or-treating with my friends. We had been planning this all week, and when the day finally arrived, I texted them and asked when they were coming over. Well, one of my friends, Sally, said her other friend, Hanna, who was going to go with us, decided she didn’t want to go with us. So Sally was going to ditch me and go with Hanna. I was pretty mad and sad about my situation, but I was happy to know that my other friend, Penny, would come. Well to my dismay, Penny decided it wouldn’t be fun to just go with me, and while she was over at her other friends house to pick up something, her friend, Madie, invited her to watch a scary movie with her, unknowing that she had already made plans, and since coming to my house wasn’t fun enough, she accepted. So, I was left all alone on Halloween passing out candy to the unusually small amount of trick-or-treaters. I decided that being home with my family on Halloween was extremely lame, I texted my other friend, Kate, and it turned out that she wasn’t doing anything either! I was so happy that I didn’t have to spend Halloween all alone!! She invited me up and we started to watch a scary movie, Children of the Corn, but she got too scared and we watched Insidious instead, which personally, I thought was way more scary than Children of the Corn. But we finished the movie and afterwards, I ran home in terror. Lucky for me, I had a great time with my friend on Halloween and wasn’t a loner!!
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