Exciting Experiences I Have Had in American University of Nigeria

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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Student’s Name: Ononiwu Ikenna George
Instructor’s Name: Albert Mugambi Rutere
Assignment: Narrative Essay
Date: February 28, 2011


My stay in American University of Nigeria (AUN), so far has been an exciting and fun filled one right from when I was admitted till date. At AUN, I have lectures in comfortable and conducive classes, have met people from different Countries of the World, made a lot of friends, engage in extracurricular and social activities such as the school’s Chess club, basketball, and most especially, become a tutor in Math. I can remember how excited I was when I received a phone call from the admission officer on the 17th of January 2011 at about 1500hrs telling me I was admitted. I danced with so much joy and happiness. My Mum and I left for Yola from Abuja four days later so as not to miss registration. We touched down in Yola by 7:00pm and therefore couldn’t make it to the school that same day because it was past school hours. We then decided to stay in Alheri Hotels, which is about five miles from AUN. That night, I was happy but at the same time, nervous. I did not understand why I was nervous because attending AUN is something I have always dreamt of but I think it’s only natural to be nervous. The next day, we called a cab and off we went to AUN. My Mum left for Abuja that same day after helping me with registration because she had business to attend to. Lectures in AUN are something I always look forward to because of its process of learning. There are air conditioners in all the classes which make the air refreshing, good desks and chairs which make for easier and faster writing, projectors which make for easier learning and most especially, well trained and qualified Lecturers who make understanding better. All these make me look forward to having lectures every single...
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