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Microsoft Excel: Formulas, Formulas...
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Jim Crowley C3 - Crowley Computer Consulting 9148 State Highway 37 Ogdensburg NY 13669 315-394-7008 fax 315-394-7009 www.crowleycomputers.com jim@crowleycomputers.com Description: Excel has hundreds of functions and nobody knows them all, but spend some time and learn to create more powerful formulas. Students will dive into decision making functions like if() and lookup() and make Excel work for them! Students will also explore efficient use of multiple sheets in a workbook, creating multi-sheet and multi-workbook formulas. Students will learn about: if() functions, lookup() functions, conditional formatting, and using multiple worksheets in a workbook. 1. Course objectives. a. To provide the class with an exploration of spreadsheet design. b. To develop computer and spreadsheet literacy. c. To address the class' questions. Schedule a. 9:00 Registration b. 9:30 Morning session c. 12:00 Departure Handouts available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) for download at www.crowleycomputers.com/handouts.htm




Formulas: All formulas begin with = or basic math function a. Simple operators Monthly weather (1) + averages.xls (2) (3) * multiply (4) / divide (5) ^ exponent (6) = < > comparison b. Order of operator precedence (or Algebraic Order of Operations, for those of you as old as me!) determines what order calculations occur. (1) Calculations do not occur from left to right. (2) 3+4*5 does not equal (3+4)*5 (3) When you’re not sure, use (parenthesis) to force order of calculation. c. Edit via double clicking on cell, clicking on formula bar or F2

Operators (in order of evaluation) Reference Range : Intersection Space Union , Arithmetic Negation Percentage % Exponentation ^ Multiplication * Division / Addition + Subtraction Text Join & Comparison (equal precendence) Equal = Greater than >...
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