Excel: Control Key and Cell

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Chapter 1
Question| Answer|
Excel is an electronic version of what?| a spreadsheet|
Excel stores documents as files called _________| workbooks| The contents of an active cell are displayed in the ______________| formula bar.| Charts can be either__________ or __________| as an embedded chart sheet, as a separate chart sheet| The default name given to an Excel workbook before it is renamed is ______________| Book1| By default, excel starts with _____ many worksheets?| 3|

Text data is any combination of_______________| letters, numbers and symbols| To complete a cell's entry use the ____ key| Enter|
Text is __________-aligned| left|
The characters +, -, * and / are all ________________?| arithmetic operators| Expression used to calculate values displayed in a worksheet is called a(n) _____| formula| Excel formulas always begin with the _______ character?| =| Formula used to multiply cell A1 by C1 is ____________| =A1*C1| To divide the value of one cell by some other number, you'd use the _________ symbol| /| A ____________ is a group of cells.| range|

Removing the contents of a cell is known as _______ a cell| clearing| To view formulas, one will need to switch to ____ view.| formula| To select a nonadjacent range, select the first group of cells, press and hold the _____, and then select the other non-adjacent group of cells| Ctrl| Excel provides the ability to create new worksheets and new __________ sheets.| Chart| Intersection of a row and column is known as a(n) ___________| cell| Row headings are identified using a __________| Number|

Active cell has a ________________border around it.| thick| To make A1 the active cell, regardless of where you are in the worksheet, press the __________| ctrl & home| An Excel worksheet can have a maximum of ____________ columns in a worksheet| 16,385| To go to Column A of the current row, press the __________ key.| home| Cutting a selection sends it to the ______ until you paste it.| clipboard| MM/DD/YYYY is an example of a _______ format.| date|

________ is used to access the GoTo dialog box.| Ctrl & G| _________ will add the values of cells F6 through F9.| =Sum(F6:F9)| To move the active cell up one row, press the ____.| up arrow| use ______________ to divide c9 by B10.| =c9/b10|

In _________________ orientation, a page is taller than it is wide.| landscape| Use the ___________ to toggle between formula and normal views.| Ctrl & ~| ___________ a printout reduces the width and the height of the printout to fit the number of pages you specify by shrinking the text size as needed.| scaling| The __________ command gives you a precise control in setting column widths and row heights.| format| A ____________ is a single point on a computer monitor.| pixel| It is recommentded to set widths of columns based on characters, rather than __________| pixels| ___________ makes it easier to enter repetitive text in cells.| autocomplete| A ____________ sheet is a worksheet that provides information about the content and purpose of the workbook.| documentation| To change a column width, you can click ____ on the Column submenu to make the column(s) as wide as the longest entry of the cells in the column.| autofit| The Undo and Redo buttons are found on the ____.| Quick Access Toolbar| The default column width is 8.43 standard-sized ____.| characteres| Press the __________ key to switch to editing mode.| F2|

Excel makes reading formulas simpler by ___________________ each cell reference in the formula and its corresponding cell in the worksheet.| color coding| To change the order of operations, enclose the part of the formula to execute first within ______________.| parentheses| ___________ = 50/(10*5)| 1|

_________ headings are identified by a number.| row|
To insert a new column, select a column, then click the Insert button in the...
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