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Level of measurement, Exploratory research, Reliability (psychometrics)

Research Method-Pastyear
1._____ is the application of the scientific method in searching for the truth about business phenomena. A.Induction.
B.Application research.
C.Business research.

2.Which type of research tries to verify a theory or to learn more about a concept and is not intended to solve a particular business problem? A.Performance-monitoring research.
B.Basic research.
C.Total quality management.
D.The scientific method.

3.Which of the following refers to the way researchers go about using knowledge and evidence to reach objective conclusions about the real world? A.Qualitative method.
B.Quantitative method.
C.Scientific method.
D.Primary method.

4.Job satisfaction, which is an employees’s general attitude toward his or her job, is an example of a(n): A.hypothesis.

5.“Employees dressed professionally will generate greater sales than those dressed casually” is an example of a: A.theory.

6. _____ is the logical process of deriving a conclusion about a specific instance based on a known general premise or something known to be true. A.Deductive reasoning
B.Inductive reasoning
C.Latent reasoning
D.Abstract reasoning

7 . The process of identifying the actual measurement scales to assess the variables of interest is called ___. A.operationalizing

8. If all the trees a person has seen in his life have been green and therefore he concludes that all trees are green, which type of reasoning is he using? A.Deductive reasoning.
B.Inductive reasoning.
C.Generalized reasoning.
D.Conceptual reasoning.

9. What is the FIRST step in the application of the scientific method? A.Assessment of relevant existing knowledge of a phenomenon. B.Proposal of an explanation of the phenomenon and statement of new problems raised by the research. C.Design of research to test the hypothesis....
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