Example Essay of Demand N Supply

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Lack of nurse, this problem may cause patients to fall in illness more worst or even to death. For example ,an old men could died due to cardiac arrest (heartache, muscle stops pumping in the heart area) suddenly, because no one give attention to this patient when needed while other nurses busy with other department. This problem occur when nurses have some professional problems which they may face and also busy handling other patients in other departments , the nurses may not be available at all the times. Therefore they must be alternatives or solutions for these problems. Decision criteria.

* Increase the number of nurses in hospital. For this we need fresh graduate with the minimum qualification, which is having a diploma in nursing course with two years working experience, good social skills from previous jobs or higher education background.

Weight the criteria.
Absolute Comparison
* 2 Years of working experience.
* Diploma in nursing

Relative Comparison
* Higher than 2 years of working experience.
* Good social skills from previous jobs.
* Higher education background
Generate Alternative
There are several methods to hire nurses:
i) Finding a nursing agency to find nurses, there are hundreds of nurses out there apply for job via nursing agency. It will make us easy to find nurses. ii) Place advertisement on newspaper, this will make easy to access for active nursing job seekers. iii) Finding nurses directly from universities or private colleges, giving special offers in hospital to attract for those who are want to renew their working contract with their institutes.

Evaluate the alternatives
For each methods there are advantages and disadvantages

i) For nursing agency

Advantage - Easily can get nurses for work
Disadvantage -Waste of money, have to spend big number of amount

ii) Advertisement on newspaper.

Advantage - able to attract many people and job...
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