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Portrait 1

My first portrait I am going to going to critique is a oil on canvas piece by Scott Jones B. This first portrait I am going to critique is called going on four. The first thing you immediately see about the piece is the scantily clad cartoonish bee looking character set in the foreground .The piece is of a bee looking character set in the middle of the piece and taking up about one fourth the piece. He is set in the foreground and almost seems to be coming off the piece or coming out of the painting .The character is wearing a striped shirt with the colors mixed between shades of blue and darker and lighter shades of green. Actually as I look closer at the piece I can see that both the blue and green colors are mixed together to give of tints of colors similar but not the same as the blue and green. The head of the main character is shaped like a round balloon or puffed up balloon and has two sloppy kind of scratched in eyes that are black. The mouth is up in a smile done what I call cartoon style. The rest of the head is colors of bash with red cheeks and no real definitive features besides the before mentioned two eyes and mouth. Then there is the characters hair which is crazily scattered all over the place and scantily clad over his near bald head. Although the hair that is there is jet black and is very long and twisty. After the head and clothes the next thing you notice is the arms and legs of the character which are very awkwardly placed and shaped on the character. For starters the arms are as thin as a rail along with the legs and the hands are shaped like a catcher’s mitt of a baseball player. They the hands are circle shaped and have short stubby fat fingers coming off the end. Then comes the funny part the artist put six fingers on the character on each hand. This makes this piece unique and creative....
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