Examining the Consequences of School Bullying and Provocation

Topics: Bullying, High school, Abuse Pages: 12 (3839 words) Published: March 30, 2013

A Research Paper
Presented To
Prof. Ma. Victoria R. Protacio
City University of Pasay (CUP)

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements For
English II

Submitted by:
Ailyn Catolico
BPG 1-1

March 4, 2013

Table of Contents
I. Acknowledgment 1
II. Introduction 2
III. Body
A. The Problem and its Background 4
* Statement of the Problem/Objectives 4
* How does it affect the teaching of the teachers in the future 6 * Why is it the topic important 6 * Implication for Future Teaching 7 * What led them to this research 7

B. Compilation of Philippine Laws on Discipline and Punishment of Children 9 * The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines 9 * Rights of the Accused 9 * Court Order for Disciplinary Measures 9 C. Methodology 10

D. Related Literature 11
* Local Literature 11
* Foreign Literature 12
IV. Conclusion 13
V. Definition of terms 15
VI. Reference/Bibliography

The researcher’s wishes to express their deepest gratitude to the special people who have extended their assistance for the success of this study; The Almighty God, who is the source of life and strength of knowledge and wisdom. To the fellow classmates, for sharing their knowledge and idea in helping the researchers in the construction of the project and for their genuine apprehension, encouragement, patient and guidance and whose expertise and knowledge were generously shared. To the beloved parents and guardians for untiring love and support. The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, this piece of work was heartily offered.

The aim of this research was to determine the bullying and effects of it in classroom. Although it is not always obvious, students are bullied as early as elementary school. Instances of bullying make take place in school, during after-school programs, on the school bus, and in neighborhoods. This research focuses on the occurrence of bullying in classroom. It also focuses on ways to help students cope with the incidents of bullying. The impact of bullying and victimization is assessed by taking into account the relative buffering effect of a positive relationship with one or both parents. Internalizing symptoms such as withdrawn behaviors, somatic complaints, and anxiety and depression. Bullying others directly by hitting, threatening, or calling names is not a significant predictor the poor mental and somatic health of youngsters, whereas indirect bullying (spreading rumors or not talking to someone on purpose) does significantly predict anxiety and depression, as well as withdrawn behaviors. The negative impact of victimization and bullying is buffered by youngsters’ positive relationship with one or both parents. Recommendations are provided with regard to possible intervention strategies underlying the importance of distinguishing between different forms of bullying and victimization and providing social support in each different case. Unfortunately, bullying is an unavoidable part of life for children, but what it is the best way to deal with bullying so that both the bully and the victim can grow from the experience and become better people? Before this question can be answered, it is important to explore every aspect involved with bullying. Specifically, we need to look at everything that bullies do, the way it affects both the victim and the bully, and exactly how much bullying currently occurs in schools. Bullying is very frequent and since the beginning of time it has plagued schools all over the world. It is a major issue in today’s world and is well-worthy of discussion. Most of the time when people think of bullying going on in schools, one generic picture comes to mind; a big, scary boy...
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