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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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Examining Benefits and Challenges With Having So Many Visuals

By: James Bumpus

Visual Literacy of Business
Instructor David Bouvin


The benefits of having so many visuals today is unbelieveable . Since we have so visuals today it makes it easier to communicate with people. Were able to communicate with people with out using any words, just using visuals. The new technology and resources like facebook, youtube and motion pictures. With this type of technology it makes it easier to communicate without using words. It also expands your communication because now your able to communicate with people that normally would’nt be able to communicate. Having access to so many visuals you can further your education. Their also challenges you will have to face having so many visuals at your dispense. Copyrights come in effect, you can’t just use any photo for your benefit without having copyrights permission. Copyrights are their help the artist so you will get credited. Using visual sometimes can lead to miscommunication if the message is not interpreted right. Sometimes the visuals might mislead you if don’t comprehend the message. These challenges with visuals could hurt you at the same it also can help you achieve goals. Now on the legal side of copyrights, just because you don’t see the copyright symbol doesn’t mean it’s not protected by copyrights because it is. You need permission if you want to e-mail published research, put a report online, post a news story and photocopies for articles for meetings. The only thing that is not protected by copyrights are ideas, facts and data. Their also an act called fair use where you can commentary, parody, news reporting, and education...
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