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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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1. Before an important exam, do you think it is better to prepare for a long time or only for a few days? Give examples and reasons to support your argument.

The question is which is better to be prepared for exam a long time or only for a few days. Form my experience; I claim that a long time preparation could break your eagerness. On the other hand, a short one may not be just enough. The way I see it, is a well-organized, scheduled plan is the best for exam preparation. For instance, if you set only a long period for your exam preparation, you might waste time going through the content of the course. And usually this how it happens, at least for me, you choose a subject to start with. Then, you find out that is so difficult to begin with. After that, you decide to save it for the end. Next, you move to another subject which might be another problem. Finally, you find yourself lost wasting your time and getting depressed. In the contrary, if you decided that a week could be enough, you might be surprised by how huge the course is. And as time is passing, you are getting more and more nervous. This is how should be done. First, the course should be outlined. Then, a clear road map, with defined goals, should be set. At the end, a proper duration for executing this plan should be set. And never forget a proper time for the revision. In the final analysis, a well-organized, scheduled plan with time for revision is the best way to prepare for any exam no matter how difficult it is. So, do not waste your time! Set your plan and study hard. Don’t you want to be successful?
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