Exam 3

Topics: Control key, Cut, copy, and paste, Text editor Pages: 4 (772 words) Published: March 13, 2013
acc/bus/cis 310x exam3 chapter 7 due Dec 2

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

__C__1.A(n)_____ is a special workbook you can create and then use as a pattern to create new, similar workbooks or worksheets. a.guidec.template

__B__2._____ can describe any type of data.

__D__3._____ help speed and simplify work because Excel users often work with the same types of problems repeatedly. a.Worksheetsc.Text files

__A__4.You can press the _____ key while dragging the fill handle to fill a series with numbers that increment by one. a.CTRLc.TAB

__C__5.In the accompanying figure, the range C4:F4 contains _____. a.sample formulasc.sample data
b.actual datad.none of the above

__C__6.When developing a template, you can modify the default color scheme by clicking the _____ tab, clicking the Colors button in the Themes group, and clicking a new color scheme in the gallery. a.Homec.Page Layout


__A__7.A(n) _____ contains little or no formatting.
a.text filec.Access query
b.Web paged.Word table

__C__8.A _____ file contains data separated by a selected character. a.fixedc.delimited

__C__9.The _____ provides step-by-step instructions for importing data from a text file into an Excel worksheet. a.Import Text Wizardc.Text Import Wizard
b.Import Wizardd.Text Wizard

__A__10.Which of the following is the path to the From Web button? a.(Data tab | Get External Data group)c.(View tab | Launch Web Query group) b.(Get External Data tab | Web group)d.none of the above

__A__11.A Word document often contains data stored in a(n) _____ that can then be copied and pasted into an Excel worksheet. a.tablec.box

__B__12.Imported data may be easier...
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