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Marshall School of Business Administration

Marketing 440 Dr. Gary L. Frazier
Marketing Analysis and Strategy The Richard and Jarda Hurd
Fall, 2012 Professor of Distribution
M and W, Noon to 1:30 p.m. Management
Hoffman 304 Office: Bridge Hall, Room 400A
Office Hours: Right after Office phone: (213) 740-5032
class and other times E-mail: frazier@marshall.usc.edu throughout the week

Course Materials

1. David Aaker (2008), Strategic Market Management, 8th edition, Wiley.

2. A packet of cases.

Course Objectives

1. Help you to grasp the major principles of marketing strategy;

2. Assist your problem solving skills; and

3. Help make you a better marketing manager or business owner someday.

Course Format

Each of you will play an important role in achieving the course objectives. Your active participation in class discussions, especially on the cases, will contribute to the learning that takes place in the classroom. My role is a facilitator of learning.

Performance Appraisal % of grade

1. Mid-Term 25%

2. Final 25%

3. Altria project 35%

4. Presentation of Altria project 5%

5. Class participation 10%

The Mid-Term and Final Exams

They will be short answer essay exams focused on the concepts and strategies we discuss in class. The textbook and cases will help you in preparing for the exams. The exams will be open book.

Guidelines for the Case Analysis

Read each case carefully and focus on key facts. Then, decide on what is the major problem or issue facing the company. Sometimes identifying the major problem will be easy, while at other times difficult. Next, spend a lot of time coming up with a solution to the major problem. Focus on the one key action or step most critical in helping to solve the problem

Guidelines for the Altria Group Project

The semester project will be done in 8 groups of roughly 5 students each.

We will be competing in an Altria sponsored case competition against teams from the University of Arizona, the University of California-Berkeley, and the University of Washington.

The case and the assignment will be given to each of you shortly.

Course Outline

Date Topic Assignment (if any)

Aug. 27 Overview of the class

Aug. 29 What is marketing analysis and Aaker: Chapter 1 strategy?

Sept. 3 Holiday

Sept. 5 Understanding end-customers Aaker: Chapters 2 and 4

Exercise: Consumers and tennis racquets

Sept. 10 Understanding...
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