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Topics: Employment, Working time, Productivity Pages: 5 (1610 words) Published: July 31, 2012
Step 1
1. Interview
2. Observation
By interviewing employees as a group I will be able to ask them as a whole group how they feel about working with Roanoke and what kind of problems that they have been having. I can also ask them if they are having problems with other employees. Also while asking the employees the questions that I have written down as problems within the company and questions on how the employees feel about things, I can also ask the employees what is their opinion on how do they think some of the problems that their having, how can they be solved and bring their ideas to the table as well as my own and come up with a conclusion to solve these problem to make it a better working environment for everyone. By using the observation method I will be able to observe employees on the job: I will also be able to see how well the communicate with one another, see how well they can handle certain situations under pressure, how fast their productivity goes, and how well they work together as a team. By observing the employees at Roanoke I am able to witness the problems myself to make sure that what I’ve been told is just not hear say in the work place, and that I will have proof of what has been going on with my own eyes. Step 2A: Surveys

1. Why are some of you the employees threatening to quit? In the past three months employees feel that their creative efforts are being rejected or revised without consultation, and they don’t feel like they’re a part of the collaborative team the employees want to go above and beyond with their creative thinking just not doing their work load. Employees think that if everyone works together as a team we can make things better; I also think that if the employers acknowledge the ones that go above and beyond with their work and reward them with great achievement that employees also would think about leaving.

2. Do you the employees feel that your work load is overwhelming? Seems how all employees are salaried employees, they are now required to work long hours several days a week each week because the company decided to make an attempt to increase revenues and accept new clients. So basically the company took on too big of a job and can’t keep up or handle it, so their making their employees work more, not taking in consideration of employees feeling or morale.

3. Do you feel that our clients are satisfied with your work? Considering that there is low employee morale and productivity is declining, not to mention in the past two to three months our productivity percentages have fallen drastically. When this happens no one is satisfied with the final results.


1. Do you feel that our staff members that are responsible for ensuring that both parties fulfill the terms of the contract that you signed with Roanoke Advertising Agency? Our clients feel that their contract is not being fulfilled because their products are not getting out on time. This has been going on for the past three months now, causing slow production and there are not enough employees to handle all of the work.

2. Do you feel that the goals and deadlines are met for you the clients? Clients feel that the goals and deadlines are not being met because Roanoke accepted more clients than they can handle. The employees think that the problem can be solved by hiring new employees, and the clients couldn’t agree more with the employees.

3. How do you feel about the work that’s being done with our company? In January the company was exceeding their quota and getting the ads out on time making it a productive work day, bit in the months of February through April the employees have been getting behind making it impossible to keep the clients satisfied. By having overworked employees that are exhausted from putting extra hours in a day several days a week makes it almost impossible to keep up the work production. Employees think the only way to fix this is to...
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